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"The VIP boat valet services at Gold Key Boathouse are amazing!  You call Gold Key when you're working, and they say, 'We'll take care of putting your boat in the water and making sure the ice chest full.  I like the sound of that!"

--Jeff Badger, Folsom, CA







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In addition to state-of-the-art personal and business storage, we have brought indoor, dry stack boat and motor home storage to El Dorado Hills. Indoor storage helps keep your vehicles and toys safe and out of the elements.

Photo courtesy of Wiggins Lift Company

Gold Key Boathouse

Taking the hassles out of your next boating adventure
The new Gold Key Boathouse in El Dorado Hills is designed to let you rediscover the joys of boating.  We eliminate the hassles of trailering and storing your boat, cleaning and maintenance, and safeguarding your investment.  No more worries about damage from the sun, dirt, and weather.  Our state-of-the-art indoor boat storage facility houses boats and other watercraft up to 42 feet.  Plus, we offer uncommon features including:

  • A four-level dry-stack racking system and a heavy-duty forklift to place your boat safely inside or retrieve it quickly for outings.
  • State-of-the-art security system with 24-hour video surveillance.
  • An extensive fire-protection system that safeguards your investment.
  • A safe but effective sonic deterrent system that harmlessly discourages birds and animals from nesting inside.
  • Storage lockers for water toys and gear at the Gold Key Boathouse.

Complete services for maximum fun
At the Gold Key Boathouse, we thought about the kinds of special services you might also enjoy.  Our menu of VIP valet services lets you create the ideal experience to fit your lifestyle.  Services available include:

  • Delivery and return – We can have your boat ready for you to hook up to your car (including checking the tires for air). When you're done, we can help you retrailer your boat, and return it back to Gold Key’s secure boathouse.

  • Cleaning and detailing – We can provide complete care services for your boat, including interior cleaning and vacuuming, exterior washing and waxing, and carpet and upholstery shampooing.  We’ll also cover and uncover your boat for your convenience and remove items for disposal or to be placed in your personal storage.

  • Maintenance and care – We can ensure hassle-free boating with a Level 1 maintenance service: filling the gas tank to 95 percent before returning your boat to storage and checking your battery, lights, tire condition and air pressure, and safety equipment.  We can also replace batteries and lights as needed, and perform other services upon request.

Gold Key Boathouse offers the ideal place to begin your picture-perfect day on the water.    

Call today to reserve your space at 916-358-5004.
At Gold Key Boathouse…your hassle-free boating pleasure is our only order of business.     

Recreational Vehicles

We also store RVs! Call us a day ahead, so we can have your vehicle charged up and ready to go: the refrigerator cold, propane tanks charged and tires checked.

When you return with your RV, we can provide an exterior wash, drain the tanks, and even provide housekeeping services to make your motor home spic and span for your next outing. Full detailing service is also available with an advance reservation.     

Gold Key Storage
Golden Foothill Parkway Location
Outdoor RV Storage

Our Golden Foothill Parkway location is now offering outdoor RV Storage. Call and talk to one of our friendly customer service reps for more details.     

Call today to reserve your space at 916-358-5004.


Our Newest Gold Key Boathouse Launched!

We’ve launched our new Gold Key Boathouse with 4 stories on indoor, dry-stack boat storage.Call today to reserve your dry-stack storage space. 

We’re conveniently located in the El Dorado Hills Business Park, entrance 2.  Call 1-916-358-5004.

Gold Key Boathouse
1120 Suncast Lane
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


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